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Unique Website Traffic


Welcome to UniqueWebsiteTraffic.info

Whether you're looking to establish a presence
on the internet or are simply interested in branding your site, we are your onlineadvertising solution.

Establish your web presence today with the most affordable marketing packages available on the internet. In 24 hours or less, we can have a
steady flow of fresh prospects landing on your
site - Guaranteed!

The plain truth is that the more visitors you receive, the more sales you will get. It's all in the numbers. We do all the work! You just sit back and enjoy the unique website traffic. Try out one of our unique website traffic packages today and see for yourself.

Unique Website Traffic

ClickThru Style Quantity Price Payment
Full PopUnders 10,000 $10.00
Full PopUnders 25,000 $25.00
Full PopUnders 50,000 $50.00
Full PopUnders 100,000 $100.00

Why keep paying ($2.60 for 1,000) or more for PopUp traffic on a handful of participating search engines
(If you can find it that cheap) when you can enjoy the benefits of Pay Per Pop on sites that give you a MUCH better ROI than what you are used to paying.

Some of our valued customers who advertised with us:

Unique Website Traffic

If you have a commercial website you definitely need unique website traffic to grow your website. The number of hits to your website will directly effect the placement in search engines. We can provide unique website traffic for your website which can create long term results for your business.

So what's the catch? Why are our fees so low compared to everyone else?

Well, it's really quite simple. We don’t think you should have to pay for something you don’t benefit from. If we get results for you, we make money and you get unique website traffic. If we can’t generate unique website traffic for you, we really don’t feel we should take your money, but our services usually give you more unique website traffic than ordered. It’s as simple as that.

How is traffic generated?
Our publishers display popunder windows on their websites. This popunder windows load a random campaign from our server. When this random campaign is chosen, the following variables influence what campaigns can be displayed: the content of the publisher`s website (for adult traffic). Each publisher's website only displays one popunder.

This type of unique website traffic includes visitors from all countries, from all our publishers except the adult ones. You could use our unique website traffic for your general interest websites, for generating unique website traffic to traffic exchange services where you need high rankings. Your website will not generate sales without unique website traffic. We guarantee that all the unique website traffic visitors are real people. You could send thousands of potential customers to your website. It`s forbidden to display adult content to visitors from this type ofunique website traffic.

By making a purchase, you agree that you read and accept the UniqueWebsiteTraffic.info Terms:
No sites that may be involved with illegal material. You may not have any popups (popups, pop-behinds, or exit popups, java popups) on the page we send the hits to. You may not have a redirect. No Frame Breaking code. No background music. No scripts that alter user browser settings (auto homepage, bookmark). You may NOT send the traffic to an adserver/rotator. No short or long term results are promised, suggested, or guaranteed. Delivery status will be based on provided stats without exception. If you change the content of your site once the campaign begins, no refund will be made and your campaign may be deleleted. UniqueWebsiteTraffic.info can not be responsible for down time of your site. There are no refunds. Delivery time for orders may vary. IF YOUR CAMPAIGN IS VIOLATING OUR TERMS YOUR CAMPAIGN AND CREDITS WILL BE DELETED AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. These policy terms supersede all claims or insinuations without exceptions.

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